What We Do


Chabuk, through its parent companies, has been the leading enabler of Afghanistan’s regional trade and an integrated supplier to numerous supply chains.

The company operates multiple related businesses - from construction, operation and maintenance services, logistics, and consultancy services to local/national knowledge-driven trade solutions.

It provides a combination of short and long-haul freight services that are tailored to meet clients’ requirements and needs.

The company offers a full range of national and international freight services, including customs clearance, documentation and loading/off-loading services in Afghanistan.

The company offers customized logistics and warehousing solutions that meet the requirements and specifications of its clients.

Chabuk’s customers benefit from its long years of experience and technical know-how. Its warehouse management system for example provides more transparency and increased efficiency and has proven its worth in terms of the wide-ranging demands of the food logistics sector.

As part of its logistics services, Chabuk also provides an all-inclusive fuel service. With its knowledge of fuel supply from producing units, refineries and pipeline terminals to delivery of fuel, the company is well-placed to serve its clients’ fuel needs across the country. Currently, Chabuk has an experienced team of fuel specialists and a large fleet of heavy-duty trailer oil tankers.

Additionally, it has an oil refinery facility in Hairatan (Balkh province) and storage facilities across a number of key provinces.

  • Transportation Management.
  • Warehousing Management.
  • Distribution Management.
  • International Freight Management
  • Value-add Logistics Solutions (Lead Logistics Provider)
  • Waste Management
  • Fuel Management

    Another core component of Chabuk’s portfolio is construction, including the provision of civil and military construction services and related materials.

    With qualified and experienced staff in civil, mechanical and electrical engineering services, the company has been engaged in a number of large- and small-scale projects across the country.

    Chabuk’s construction services range from survey and soil analysis, procurement of materials, warehousing, project implementation, field quality control and construction site evaluation.

    • Project development, design and planning.
    • Market expertise involving a database of vendors.
    • Undertaking standard tendering of projects.
    • Contract management on behalf of clients.
    • Monitoring and evaluation of projects.


    Transportation services have been a strong and enabling factor of the company’s logistics and construction services.

    Chabuk’s fleet of trailers and trucks, over 250 reefer trucks and 200 flatbeds, both 20 ft and 40 ft in size, 85 fuel tankers, 200 ITV's for tracking offer the most reliable and cost-effective transportation solutions.

    Moreover, its eight transportation hubs in eight different provinces across the country give the company a unique advantage over other players in the sector, to cover all 34 provinces at short notice and without any hindrance to clients’ business operations.

    An essential part of long-haul transportation is availability of storage facilities. Chabuk has warehouse facilities across the country for perishable and non-perishable products.

    When it comes to key factors such as safety, lead time, emissions and cost, Chabuk is a highly competitive alternative to other such companies operating in Afghanistan.

    By harmonising the whole range of processes such as warehousing, transport and value-added services using its comprehensive systems, Chabuk offers true added value to our clients’ production and warehousing.

    The company also offers its first-class access to a powerful transport network across Afghanistan, South Asia and Central Asia.

    It provides supply chain management that plans, implements, and controls the efficient, effective forward and reverse flow and storage of goods, services, and related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet clients’ requirements. Chabuk tailors solutions to suit individual needs using its extensive network and robust connections.

    O & M

    Operations and maintenance is a critical service for organisations seeking to protect their capital investments and generate peak efficiency.

    From complex production environments to military installations to commercial facilities, Chabuk is the go-to provider of operations and maintenance services for public institutions and private sector companies in Afghanistan.

    The company’s experience extends to the operation and maintenance of the Afghan government’s major military installations, compounds and logistical operations.

    It has been managing a number of sites across the country, providing asset management and inspection services, on-call engineering and logistical operations.

    In the industrial and commercial markets, Chabuk’s program-based partnership approach delivers integrated management and maintenance services within a cohesive framework that ensures operational certainty for office, factory, and research and development environments, so clients can focus on their core business. By combining technology and data analytics, Chabuk drives measurable improvements for its clients’ productivity and profitability goals across diverse markets, including industrial manufacturing and consumer goods, pharmaceutical and logistics.

    • Vehicle Maintenance/Modernization
    • Production and Process Maintenance
    • Base and Range Operations
    • Integrated Facility Management
    • Transportation Operations and Maintenance
    • Production and Process Maintenance
    • Contingency Operations


    Improvement of performance and development of growth plans are essential for sustainability of any organization or company.

    Afghanistan’s business environment is in constant change. We explore and discover improved methods of investment and better growth opportunities.

    Through its management consultancy services, Chabuk helps different entities with their growth and performance by applying analysis of existing data of current challenges and generate new data on potential problems.

    Chabuk consultancy and management services include monitoring and evaluation, organisational change management, project design, planning and development, government services.

    legal services, and human resources support and management.

    Who We Serve

    • Businesses seeking to operate successfully in the Afghanistan and wider regional market.
    • Businesses and other government and non-government stakeholders engaged in the rebuilding and development of Afghanistan.
    • Stakeholders in Afghan peace and stability.
    • Stakeholders in the economic growth and development of the Afghan economy.

    For a number of years, clients have chosen Chabuk’s parent companies for one compelling reason: No one is better at supporting national and international non-governmental organisations, donor agencies, governments and multi-national private companies in their mobilisation, operations and development that is needed to succeed in their respective sectors in Afghanistan. Chabuk combines broad local and national knowledge and expertise with intelligent and innovative approaches to support each client's unique requirements in the country.

    We support all branches of the Afghan government, agencies of allied countries engaged in Afghanistan, national and international non-governmental organisations, and multi-national companies across all of Afghanistan. Our proven processes and expertise reduce costs and enable our clients to achieve their operational goals more effectively and efficiently. Working in partnership with our clients across the country and the region, we serve today to achieve a better future for Afghanistan.

    About US

    Chabuk is Afghanistan’s premier logistics company. Chabuk has a proven track record of successful delivery of logistics, transportation, construction, consultancy and management services projects to a broad range of national and international clients. The company, a joint venture between Greenwich Consulting & Support Services, Qasemi Group and Jeewa Group, has inherited its parent companies’ long history of operating across Afghanistan, South Asia and Central Asia.


    Chabuk’s objectives are to build on its leading market position and expand the market share in its existing territories, enlarge the contents of its products and grow into new geographies.

    The company will achieve this by focusing on its core competencies of providing its customers with unrivalled service, frequency, reliability, and innovative solutions.

    To grow our door-to-door business through continued land-to-land and land-to-sea a conversion of intra-Asian transportation and extend our service delivery with increased multimodality. At the same time help to build up the logistics sector in Afghanistan.

    Chabuk will achieve this by increasing the market awareness of the competitiveness of an environmentally friendly and safe transport vis-à-vis road haulage, air, sea and rail.


    Our team members are committed to shared principles and believe in the values of integrity, competence and innovation which drive the work of Chabuk as a company.

    Our Parent Companies

    • Greenwich CSS is an Afghan-owned and private firm with years of operational experience in the country. Greenwich CSS is registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MoCI), the American Joint Contracting and Contingency System, the Ministry of Finance and Medium Tax Payers Office and is an active member of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce & Industries.

      Founded in 2014, Greenwich CSS consist of some of the country’s top legal experts who are experience in both the public and private sectors with intimate knowledge of politics, economy, security, communities and culture of the country. To provide the best possible service to our clients our associates are drawn from background which includes professional services, law, academia, government and aid organizations.

      We are experienced, capable, and committed to providing the best contract delivery at a competitive price at the same time, protecting the interests of our clients. This is particularly important when considering the needs of largescale international organizations working in the unpredictable environment of today’s Afghanistan.

      Greenwich CSS enables its customers to capitalize on their local and national relationships with key audiences and influencers navigating cultural and language nuances so that their operations and projects run smoothly across the country. As a relationship and quality orientated company, we assist our clients to build working relationship with Afghanistan’s government in order to assist them in navigating the complex web of bureaucracies and laws in order to successfully invest and do business in the country.

      Greenwich CSS brings together some of the country’s renowned media and communications experts. We draw on our experience, knowledge and expertise in our proactive and insightful approach to strategic communications. Our service provision for clients in the private, public and charitable sectors are coordinated and integrated.

      What we offer:
      • General government relations, advice and support, advocacy and lobbying
      • Government Services (GS): visa, passport, work- permit, etc.

      Navigating through the complicated legal system and regulatory culture of Afghanistan can be challenging. Greenwich CSS’s legal services encompass a wide range of legal solutions for businesses and organizations in Afghanistan. Our team of legal experts provide legal services to the private, public and charitable sector organizations both on an occasional and regular basis, depending on their needs. Greenwich CSS legal experts’ practice in a variety of legal fields including contract law, tax law, criminal law, mergers and acquisitions, and bankruptcy.

      Legal services have an integral and most effective part of the business ever since its creation in 2014. Our legal services are carried out by a team of nationally renowned professional legal experts, law professors and barristers. The team members are experienced in the legal and regulatory environment of the country. Moreover, their knowledge of both national and international laws and regulations governing the financial sector is very extensive.

      • Management Consultancy
      • Business Investment Consulting
      • Research Development
      • Media and Strategic Communication
      • Human Resources
      • Monitoring and Evaluation
      • Translation / Interpretation and Training

    • Qasemi Group of Companies (QGC) was established in 1979 under the title of ‘Qasemi Metals’ in Kabul.

      It has been counted as the founder of modern metal industry in Afghanistan.

      QGC has Offices in China, Germany, India, Turkey, UAE and USA. It is one of the nation’s largest Afghan owned independent companies in Afghanistan. We attribute our size and growth to the extensive knowledge of industry and the ability to meet the needs of marketers and end users in ever changing marketplaces.

      QGC provides product services with competitive prices, including construction, PVC systems, metallic products, fuel supply, transportation, hospital and health, and general trading services to Customers around the country.

      QGC retains the most educated and dedicated experts in Afghanistan to provide solutions to its valued Customers.

      Qasemi mission is to surpasses expectations of its clients, vendors and competitors. Provides super financial results and have fun working with its Customers while accomplishing their joint mission. QGC provides Customers with exceptional value while maintaining the highest ethical standards relating to dealings either inside or outside the company.

      In 1971 the Qasemi metallic Work shop was established and in 1988 the company was transformed into a Metallic Association having four components: Metallic Work Section, Win House Section, K-Span Construction Section and a Customized Products employing over 500 labors.

      Qasemi is also a major player in the civil construction arena from paving parking lots, grading and excavating, K-span structures, hangers, sport complexes, schools, and hospitals, residential and commercial buildings. They have offices in Kabul, Maazar-e-sharif, Herat, Kandahar and Jalalabad.

      Another great capability is the procurement, storage, testing, transporting, and delivery of high-grade aviation, diesel, and petrol fuels to all 34 provinces. Each tanker has the load capacity of 8,000-10,000 US gallons. Their underground and above ground facility in Paul-e-Charkhi will store 100 million liters of fuel. In addition, Qasemi has an additional storage capability of 100-900,000 litters in 29 provinces.

      Qasemi Companies Activities
      • Qasemi Metal Association: Engineering, Architecture, Productions, Metallic Products and Services
      • Qasemi Construction: Engineering, Architecture and Construction Services
      • Qasemi Winhouse: Windows and Doors PVC Systems
      • Qasemi Fuel Supply: Supply & Distribution, storage construction and installation
      • Qasemi Hospital: Hospital and health services
      • Qasemi Transportation: Air, Sea & Ground Transportation
      • Qasemi General Trading: Any authorized Products
      • Q Kabul : Hotel & Business Complex
      • SAFFA FOOD & Beverages
      • H&Q MALL Shopping center, The Offices, The Food court.

    • JEEWA Group of Companies is one of the largest, fastest growing service providers in Central Asia and has been providing specialized, high-quality services in the region since early 2002.

      JEEWA’s chief mission is to pair the management, experience and administrative expertise with international Subject Matter Experts, Engineers and other specialized Technicians. JGC Leadership provides outstanding oversight of its operations, and implements quality control, safety and security adherence to all contractual obligations.

      JEEWA is committed to the Client and offers 24/7 customer service and technical support. JGC completes contracts on time and stands behind every proposal/bid received by offering professional after sales support.

      JEEWA Group of Companies has its Headquarters and primary travel hub in Kabul Afghanistan and has expanded its range throughout Central Asia. JGC was very active transporting Cargo in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) assisting International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF) as well as Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) combating the ongoing insurgency creating a more stable and secure Afghanistan.

      JEEWA Group Transport Services:
      • Road Transport Services
      • Air Freight Services
      • Sea Freight Services
      • Rail Freight Services
      • Custom Clearance Services
      • Warehouse and Distribution Services

      Today JEEWA Group of Companies has a fleet of over 250 Reefers Trucks (20ft and 40ft) and over 300 fully mission capable flatbeds (20ft and 40ft) to support the transportation of perishable and non- perishable cargo throughout the Central Asia and the Middle East. In addition, JGC has over 200 Wireless In-transit Visibility Devices (ITVs) used to track movement as well as over 200 Reefer containers (20ft and 40ft) for rent/lease.

      JEEWA Group of Companies offers numerous Logistical Support Services throughout Central Asia.

      JEEWA Group Logistic Services:
      • General Repair, Maintenance and Installation of Machinery and Equipment
      • Repair and Maintenance of Vehicles, Generators, Pumps and HVAC
      • Equipment Lease and Sales
      • Water Treatment and Supply, Plumbing
      • Waste Collection and Waste Management
      • Guest House, Office, Hard and Soft Skin Vehicle Rentals
      • General Life Support Services (Laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc.)
      • Pest and Vector Control Services
      • Home and office furniture and appliances
      • Customs Clearance Service

      In addition, JEEWA Group of Companies has access to food products which meet the United States Veterinary Corps standards, as well as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) standards, and the World Health Organization (WHO). JGC also has the able to provide catering requirements regardless of the destination.

      JEEWA Group of Companies has formed a strong Team of Architects, Engineers, and skilled Labors, who can take on the most arduous and demanding projects completing them on time, under budget and to a standard. JGC fully understands that improving the infrastructure through construction will assist in peace and stability throughout Afghanistan both in rural and urban areas.

      JGC Leadership has overseen the design of new roads, schools, hospitals, commercial and residential apartments as well as clinics in Afghanistan.

      JEEWA Group Construction Services:

      • Engineering and Architectural Services
      • Environmental and Natural Resources Services
      • Quality Consulting and Certifications
      • Construction and Construction Management
      • Technical Testing and Analysis
      • Information Services, Market Information
      • Other Professional Technical Activities
      • Electrical Powers, Transmission and Distribution

    Our Team

    Robert F. Cini

    Chief Executive Officer

    Robert F. Cini retired from the United States Army in 1995 achieving the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He served for 23 years in Armor, Aviation and

    Logistics units. In 2005 he began his second career as a Program Manager for several top US companies in Saudi Arabia , Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan. He holds a Masters Degree in International Studies from Troy State University. He is married with three children.

    Mr. Assad Nasimi

    Finance Manager

    Mr. Assad Nasimi is a highly motivated and personable person with ten years of experience in accounts and finance

    positions. He has graduated from The University of Lahore, Pakistan in the year 2018. He holds Master of Philosophy and Master of Science with specialization in Accounting and Finance. He has earned the title of Gold-medalist in both degrees. He has a unique skill set which is a blend of accounting, finance, budgeting, project management, and administrative competence and liaison expertise. Also have outstanding organizational, planning and personnel management skills and have successfully implemented. He is successful at optimizing control systems and building solid teams to meet business needs and achieve demanding financial targets.

    Mohammad Haroon Safi

    Operation Director

    Mr. Mohammad Haroon Safi is the Program Manager for JEEWA Group of Companies and has been working closely with Mr. Noor Aqa Niazi since 2013.

    Mr. Safi has more than 16 years’ experience working with National & International Organizations as well as Independent Business Establishments. Mr. Safi experience and insight into Commercial and Government business opportunities in Central Asia have provided fresh and innovative ideas for JEEWA Group of Companies resulting in a more practical and progressive approach to invest intelligently, plan strategically and implement procedures more efficiently.

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